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"Kylah has always been great.  She has staged many homes for clients of mine over the last couple of years and in each case, I've never doubted that it increased the sale price of the home and decreased the time on the market.  She's professional, prompt, and stages the home extremely well at one of the best prices out there.  I highly recommend trying her out if you want to walk away with more cash in your hand when you sell your home."  -Jeff J. (Realtor)

"Kylah was referred to us with the highest recommendation.  We appreciated her knowledge and expertise, and especially her attitude and willingness to be flexible to our needs and budget.  The results of her staging turned our home into a beautiful and memorable property that sold in 3 days!" -Gayle J. (homeowner)

"Kylah has been staging homes for me for over 4 years.  She does a great job, her prices are fair and my clients are always happy!  I have occasionally used other companies when Kylah has been out of town and am always disappointed because I have been so spoiled by her."  -Val Bays (Realtor)

"I had my house on the market for about 4 months, then I hired Kylah.  It was shortly after she staged my home that I had an offer and sold my home.  Kylah made my home feel so appealing and warm, if I was to stay, I would have purchased her designs.  Her prices were reasonable and she worked quickly using as many of my items as possible.  I would highly recommend Kylah and Stage It! Redesign It! for decorating and staging.  I would definitely hire Kylah again.  She is very professional and courteous during all of my interactions and the final bill was prorated for the actual rental items." -Clarissa C. (Homeowner)

 "You brought that home "alive"-outstanding job!" -Todd Hentosz 

"Thank you so much for your hard work & all your help.  We are all moved into our new house.  Thanks, you made me enjoy my furniture even more! Amazing!" 
-Veronique G. 

I just wanted to say thank you for a terrific job you did on our house!  The house looked great for the showings!  I'm so excited that my husband & I sold it in one week!!!!!  You went above & beyond our expectations with your time, effort & friendliness!  I have highly recommend you to several of my friends, neighbors & realtor.  Like my husband said, "Can you come & design the interior of our next house?!"   Thanks again!-Kristie F.(Homeowner)

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help.  When this house sells, it's going to be because of how beautiful you made it look.  I can't thank you enough.  I couldn't have done this myself in a thousand years." -Jim C. (Homeowner) *Home had 2 offers the day after staging*

" We are in the process of selling our home & I felt I was ready to put it on the market.  Kylah came & staged our home.  I felt like I was in the wrong house!  She made changes that made our house feel warm & inviting.  I love it! I even had a realtor comment on how beautiful it looked."  -Deby H. 

 "Gosh, you have a beautiful home.  If I lived there, I wouldn't ever want to move!  Your home shows better than a model.  I could see the staging that was done & it looked perfect." -Karen 
(letter to homeowner from Realtor) 

 "I just want to tell you again what a fabulous change you gave our family room! We absolutely love it. Your eye for reorganizing all our own things and putting them in different groupings was amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing the plans for our bedroom, if anything can be done with my big furniture. If anyone can figure it out, you can. I look forward to continuing to work with you on making our home more warm & inviting!"   -Gloria J. 

 "Kylah can work magic on a house.  I recently had her stage a partially updated property which had pink carpet and pink walls.  When she was done, the house had been transformed.  The pink was toned down, the minimal updating was accented and the house looked about 20 years newer."-Javier M. 

 "I was very impressed with your service.  I believe it looks fabulous, shows great & is 100x better!  I appreciate your tips & the staging products you brought were perfect.  Thanks for your help!"-Liz Bowen 

 "Wow! You really have a gift for decorating.  I never imagined things would look that impressive."   -Ron D. (Homeowner)

"I just wanted to let you know that you did a great job!  It's amazing how just a few changes can make such a dramatic difference!" -Jayne & Jerry Clark 

"The number of days my  listings stay on the market has been reduced significantly since Kylah started staging them." -Javier M.

"Your eye for color and what goes together has really helped me get a vision of what I want in my new home.  You are easy to work with and I also appreciate the ideas and/or problems you think of that I have not" -Cathy J.(Homeowner) 

Hello Kylah,


Thank you for assisting us with redesigning our home. Your help and expertise ensured our home makeover fit my family’s personality and lifestyle.   With your indulgence I would like to recap where we started and highlight the end result.


First, your consultation was critical.  After twenty years of moving while serving in the Air Force we had developed a color neutral perspective; that is, we enjoyed white walls and ceilings, a mix of furniture from our childhoods and, items bought on impulse.  Additionally, we home schooled our children and utilized our dining room as a schoolroom.  The end result was a home that did not flow, our office was a toy room, dinning room was a schoolroom, and the downstairs living area was the children’s play area and gym.


Your report provided me with a blueprint for reorganizing our home.  This was a major undertaking since I had to move the downstairs guest room upstairs to the office.  Then I moved the gym into the downstairs guest room.  This allowed me to move the schoolroom and all of the bookcases that were scattered around our home downstairs to the school area.  Now the redesign foundation was in place! 


Your advice on how to rearrange our existing furniture was spectacular; however, Linda and I decided new furniture was best.  Our upstairs has a studio feel; all open with the kitchen, dinning and living room all one large room.  Your talented eye allowed us to setup a functional, inviting and warm living room that enhanced this large space.  The double curved Italian love seats facing each other with a round table between is breath taking!  We were planning on putting a round dinning table in our kitchen but you pointed out that a square pub table would look better and be more functional.  You were right!  We found a beautiful hutch and table that can entertain eight adults and still fold up for daily use.


When you suggested moving the guest room upstairs and making the downstairs room our gym I hit myself on the head and said “duh” why didn’t I think of that.  Now our upstairs office with French doors is an eye popping inviting retreat for our guests!  Everyone loves it.  From the bedding to the window treatment and the wonderful colors on the wall – this room is beautiful.


The transformation to our downstairs living space is a marvel!  We now have a rich full office / library / school room / theatre room / game room that is very functional and flows!


I utilized your report extensively.  I would not paint, purchase furniture, or window coverings without reading your report or asking you.  You provided me with the confidence that after I painted every wall and ceiling, replaced every brass doorknob and light fixture with brushed nickel, and purchased window coverings, bedroom and living room furniture and installed a home theatre with surround sound that my home would look better than a model home – and it does.  I brought Cindy from Classic homes in to show her the end result and she was blown away.  She did not think this style home would look so spacious, warm and inviting.  She came back with her camera to capture it and share with other homeowners.  Everyone that comes in to our home for the first time gasps and says WOW.


Thank you Kylah for all your help!



Homer and Linda


p.s.  feel free to use us as a reference for your future customers.

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